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Hi, I am Felix

Father and husband with all my heart. Besides family, I love playing board games, road biking and speed skating, and being a mentor at Coding Coach. I work fully remote as a Sr. Software Engineer at Interfacewerk. With a background in physics, I turned my hobby of coding into a profession. Here I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you!

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For Democracy

In a world where democracy is under threat, it's important that we all stand up for what is right. I want my son to grow up in a peaceful and democratic world. This means that borders can not be changed by force, that we help those who are terrorized, that democratic values are more important than religious ones, that we separate politics from religion, that one can not use civilians as military shields, that we defend ourselves against corruption, that we fight for freedom of press and that we have to stand up for the European idea.


I have mentored students in software development at several companies, in an online course on NX workspaces, at Coding Coach and AngularGirls. Topics range from collaborating with Git and Github, writing resumes, and sharing my experiences with hiring processes (including at Google) to a wide range of techniques in JavaScript and TypeScript. Teaching is a great way to help people and deepen my knowledge and skills.

"Felix's passion for coding and teaching is contagious. I have contacted him through CodingCoach.io a few month ago for some support with Angular and JavaScript, but through our weekly meeting I have found much more than that. He helped not just on the technical side, but also he gave me a hand to write my resume and cover letter. [...]"

- Matteo Russo
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Would you also like to become a mentee? Just drop me an email and let's see what we can do.